One of the first steps in selling your home is to have it valued by one of our experienced estate agency team. Strictly speaking this is not absolutely necessary as a formal valuation will be carried out by a surveyor as part of the Home Report. It is however a very useful opportunity for us to meet with you, have a look round your house and give you an indication of a value while giving you our expert advice on how best to achieve this price when selling.

If you are worried about how your separation might affect your child/children, here is our advice on ways you can help.

Separation affects the whole family. If there are children of the relationship, their needs require to be considered. Children need the continuing affection and support of both parents. They need to feel protected and secure.

In these uncertain times, our key advice regarding Wills and Powers of Attorney remains the same as it was before lockdown - it is vitally important that you have up to date documents in place. 

Cohabitation is one of the most common ways that couples choose to live together as a family unit. In fact the number of couples choosing to live together, but not marry is gathering pace.

“Life is what happens whilst you are busy making other plans ….”

Have you thought about who would look after your financial and business affairs or your personal wellbeing if the time comes when you can no longer do that yourself?

You might think that a spouse, partner or close family member could take decisions for you but that isn’t the case. In fact, no one has the right to make decisions for you without legal authority. A Power of Attorney is a document which appoints one person (or more than one person) to make decisions about your money and property and/or your health and personal welfare.

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