Buying your first home is a very exciting time, however we know that it can also sometimes feel like a daunting process! The logistics of purchasing your first home are not something you are taught in school or university. The advice you receive from friends or older family members may also be outdated if they have not purchased a property in a long time. Every property is different and each buyer’s circumstances vary drastically so the process of purchasing your first home is not a one size fits all procedure.

Jagoda has recently joined our team as a newly qualified Solicitor. Jagoda is an experienced conveyancer and is enjoying undertaking private client work. She has a passion for property and loves the variety that property transactions they bring.

No two conveyancing files are ever the same!! Jagoda’s favourite thing about being a solicitor is meeting lots of different people from different backgrounds and the challenge of continuous learning.

Time is running out to comply with new obligations in relation to the Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land!

After two years, the grace period given by the Scottish Government for registration in the Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land (RCI) is finally coming to an end on 1 April 2024. From that point onwards, those in scope of the RCI regulations will be required to be registered in the RCI or face potential criminal penalties including fines of up to £5,000.

Could the property market be heating up despite the cold weather? How Will Reduced Mortgage Rates Affect The Property Market?

Whilst it has not been as busy as its Spring counterpart the first few weeks of the year have shown great potential with a number of new valuation enquiries and a buzz of new interest around our on the market properties. Rightmove have reported a 5% rise in buyer activity and a 15% jump in new properties launched to the market compared to the same time period last year.

Say Hi to Kenny & Amy!

We are so excited to finally announce the arrival of two new staff members to our Estate Agency team at Blackwood & Smith.  Kenneth Laing has joined as our Head of Estate Agency and Amy MacLinton has taken up the position of our newest Estate Agent.

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